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 Rank Structure

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PostSubject: Rank Structure   Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:55 pm

ranks are listed in order of POWER

Ranks in Red are ranks that were removed.
Ranks in Blue were added after the initial ranking system.
Ranks in yellow are appointed, not earned.
Awards in green are Awards assigned for completing certain tasks.
Ranks OR Awards in Orange are rare and very hard to obtain.
Ranks OR Awards in purple are for Forza Motorsport only.

Punishment ranks work simple. It takes away a persons current rank and gives them a punishment rank. It works by making them have to work back up to the rank of PVT.

________________Punishment ranks__________
Discharged - First rank of being punished, given for lack of respect for clan mates
Discharged I - Second rank of being punished, given for lack of respect to authority
Discharged II - Last and worst rank of being punished, one more and this person is kicked form the clan.

Fucking New Guy - FNG
________________Normal ranks______________
Private - PVT
Private First class - PFC
Specialist - SPEC
Lance Corporal - LCPL
Corporal - CPL
Sargent - SGT
Staff Sargent - SSGT
Gunery Sargent - GSGT
Master Sargent - MSGT
First Sargent - FSGT
Sargent Major - SGT MAJ
________________Officer ranks_______________
Warrant Officer - WO1
Chief Warrant Officer - CW1
2nd Lieutenant - 2nd LT
1st Lieutenant - 1st LT
Captain - CPT
Major - MAJ
Lieutenant colonel - LT COL
Colonel - COL

General - GEN
________________Special ranks________________
MSI crown match ref (hosts crown matches)
MSI Squad General
MSI Squad Co-founder
MSI squad founder
MSI Division General
MSI Division Co-founder
MSI division founder

______________Board of MSI________________
MSI Division Co-founders
MSI division founder
MSI Creators
Admiral - appointed by the leader of MSI for outstanding loyalty
Mythic - appointed by the leader of MSI for amazing skill
Commander - appointed by the leader of MSI for leadership
Legendary - appointed by the leader of MSI for being in the clan for 2 years

Crown Master - given for having the UMP45, AK47, TAR21 and SCAR-H crowns.
Game Master - given for having a K/D over 30 In one game.
Crown Sniper Master - Given for having all of the sniper crowns.
Crown LMG Master - Given for having 4 of the 5 LMG crowns.
Crown SMG Master - Given for having 4 of the 5 SMG crowns.
Modder - Given for using a mod more than any other member in the clan.
Risky Crowns - Given for having either the Intervention or quickscoping crowns.
Game winner - Given for preforming above everybody in MSI team games.
Devastator - Given for clutching 6 members of the opposing team in S&D

Drift king - Given for beating every member in MSI in a drift battle.
Race king - Given for beating every member in MSI in a race.
Tag king - Given for being the best MSI member that plays tag.
Speed - Given for being able to drift in a super car
RWD expert - Given for beating an AWD drifter in a drift race with a RWD car

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Rank Structure
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