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 How to recruit

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PostSubject: How to recruit   Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:26 pm

1: go into three ground war games.
2: back out
3: go to your recent player (go to messages and hit RB)
4: select the first person in your recent players
5: 'send message' to fires person in your recent players
6: Go to 'edit Recipients'
7: hit RT until one of the names has a check mark next to it.
(the name with a check mark is where your friends list ends and recent players begin)
8: check all the names below.
9: wait until everyone has 2-5 messages and then start inviting the people

if you have a person (or people) in mind already skip the above steps

10: game rules
-Free for all
-1500 points

11: game rules

There are two games with two different sets of rules.

game one:
15 kills and must go positive
UMP45 = -5 kills and +3 deaths (for example if someone went 21 and 5 their score with UMP would be 16 and Cool
Tar21 = -3 kills + 1 death
camping = -15 kills
noobtube = -30 kills (automatic loss)

Game two:
game two is a little bit confusing because its really two tryouts combined. it is a quickscopoing game set up to quickscoping rules (below).

to make the quickscoping team:
Must go 20+ with less than 10 deaths

to make normal part of the clan by quickscoping

To make the clan by quickscoping must get 15 kills.

After the game you MUST Tell them to do this.
1: add the A squad tag.
2: Have them put "MSI PVT" in their bio

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How to recruit
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