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 Different Divisions

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PostSubject: Different Divisions   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:23 am

as most of the members should know, there are different divisions. Your rank is only your rank in YOUR division. Your rank is determined by your division leader, co-leader, or general.

In a sense each division is like its own clan, they have their own rank structure, leaders, and members. also keep in mind that ranks like; MSI general, MSI co-leader, and the MSI founder have control over the entire clan, not just one squad or division.
In each Division, there are 5 squads, in each squad there are up to 100 members. the division leader, general, and co-founder have control of ALL squads in his/her Division. while the squad leader, general, and co-founder only have control over the members in their squad.

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Different Divisions
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